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                                       has the solution. We know the importance of men’s health and the reasons why most men do not seek treatment. Men. Take a sigh of relief and relax. We have taken the necessary steps to offer men’s health services that are discreet and individualized. Men don’t have to worry about going to their local lab for blood draws or local pharmacy to pick up medications.
                                       will perform all lab draws which are sent to our contracted lab that is located out-of-state and medications will be either dispensed from our clinic or sent to our patient’s home in discreet packaging by one of our contracted pharmacies that is located out-of-state as well.
                                      wants to encourage men to experience all the life-changing potential that comes with having optimized testosterone levels. We ensure We do not follow "The Normal Range Fallacy" like most medical professionals because there's just one problem: Who defines the 'normal' range? There is an infinite amount of hormonal diversity across the male population, and it is impossible to create a "standard patient" treatment protocol that would be universal. We create partnerships with patients and develop treatment plans that are individualized to help them achieve their goals. NO "White-Coat Dictators" at 
                                        can help increase mood and motivation, improve sleep, improve athletic performance with decreased recovery times, experience weight loss, improve libido, sexual performance, and erectile dysfunction (ED), improve insulin sensitivity, increase metabolism, etc. 

Overcome Low Testosterone with Testosterone Replacement Therapy




Optimization of men's health in the Upper Peninsula




The most important hormone in a man's body.  Testosterone.

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