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What is Direct Primary Care

Direct primary care (DPC) is healthcare delivery model based on a medical retainer agreement for health care practices. What sets DPC apart is that it offers patients a full range of medical services at a flat monthly rate, as

opposed to other types of retainer services which may only offer few. These services include regular check-ups, routine care, preventative medicine, and more. The defining aspect of direct primary care is that the patient is

billed directly (via a monthly fee) and insurance claims are not filed for medical visits. This allows providers to offer their services at very affordable rates with drastically more one-on-one time per patient.


What’s included in the membership?

Instead of billing per visit to a third-party payer, at Unity Health you’ll be able to see the provider as many times as needed for a low monthly fee with no copay. You will have direct access to your provider by phone, text, email, or video and no hidden fees. Patients will be informed of any additional fees for labs, procedures, etc. and will need to grant Unity Health permission to proceed or have the option to decline. You’ll also enjoy longer visits with your provider and coordinated care.


Do I really get unlimited visits with my membership?

Yes, this is a key feature of your membership! Simply schedule an appointment and we’ll do our best to see you as soon as we can – in many cases we’ll be able to schedule you in the same day.


If I have DPC, do I still need health insurance?

Unity Health does not bill insurance but we strongly recommend our patients to continue to carry health insurance coverage for catastrophes, such as a broken bone, surgery, severe illness, hospitalization, etc.


How do I know if DPC at Unity Health is for me?

Come get to know us! It’s the only reasonable way to develop the foundation of a healthier version of yourself ... a patient/provider relationship of respect and trust.